With all the love in the air this month, take a moment to read our alumni sweetheart's love stories below! Was Mount Union your sweet beginning? Send how you met and where life has taken you - since your time on campus and pictures to alumni@mountunion.edu.  

  AJ '11 and Megan (Stewart '11) Claycomb

"AJ and I started out as friends before dating in our sophomore year at Mount Union. Football was a huge part of how we met- he was a wide receiver and I was a cheerleader, so we would run into each other around practices and after games. In 2015, we got married, surrounded by tons of our college friends and family. We now live and work in the Cleveland area, and love that we are close enough to Alliance to make it back whenever we get the chance. After about 9 years together, we are still best friends and diehard Purple Raider fans!" 

Dillin Bradley ‘15 and Jenny Book ‘15

"We met in our Intro to Film class our sophomore year, and bonded over the fact that we were both involved in Greek Life. He was a Sigma Nu and I was a member of Delta Sigma Tau. We were very good friends, and that turned into a relationship our junior year. Our last names are so close that we were seated next to each at graduation.

Dillin proposed on February 2,2018 and we are now planning a wedding that will most definitely have a lot of fellow Purple Raiders in attendance! We will always be grateful to Mount Union for bringing us together!"

Christopher (Chip) '01 and Amanda (Channels '02) Leckonby  
"We met at good old Mount in 2001. We were brought together through my sorority's Philanthropy event: Alpha Xi Delta's Powderpuff. Chip and his fellow Alpha Tau Omega brothers were our coaches that year. We're still happily together & in love almost 17 years now. 

We were married in 2004 and had our first son in 2016. Life has taken us on so many adventures since Mount Union, including living in 5 different states. We currently reside in Philadelphia, PA."

 Bill ’67 and (Kate Carr ’67) Morris

 "Kate and I met at a mixer at the Hoover-Price Campus Center. A fraternity brother pointed to a pair of females across the snack bar and said, “Let’s go ask them to dance.”  By the time I arrived, he was already on the floor. Kate and shared the evening… and began dating soon thereafter. Many happy memories of dances, fraternity and sorority parties, trips to the park, and time together with our families away from campus. During my senior year I suffered a dislocated ankle in an intramural basketball game, and Kate affectionately offered to fix lunch (Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup) for me at her sorority house during the period of my recovery. The rest was history… we were engaged later that spring… married in June, 1968… and raised our seven children in Alliance, Ohio under the umbrella of many kind and dedicated Mount Alumni. 

 Lucky for us we have lived just a short distance from the campus. Most Saturday afternoon’s in the fall were spent with the family watching the fortunes of the Purple Raiders on the gridiron. That tradition continued, finding us, with few exceptions, following the varsity and JV teams both home and away for the past 25+ years. (No. 59 in the photo is Joey Presutti, a freshman from Spring, Texas and potentially next year’s starting offensive center.)"

Terry '73 and Libbie (Stacey '73) Romigh
"We met at lunch in the Hoover-Price Campus Center during Freshman Orientation, September 1969. Although we were both dating high school sweethearts, we got to know one another throughout our freshman year. Walking to class, playing tennis, sharing ice cream cones from Varsity Isle, working together in the dish room, so by the time we went home for summer vacation, it wasn't long before we both broke up with our hometown crushes and looked forward to seeing what might develop in the fall.We began dating the fall of sophomore year, and by Valentine's Day our senior year--45 years ago--, Terry asked me to marry him. He was football co-captain & co-Head Resident of Miller Hall, I was Head Majorette and McMaster Hall 3rd-Floor Dorm Counselor, and we both worked as Campus Center Staff in our cool black blazers. 

 After graduation from Mount in 1973, we camp counseled all summer in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut and returned to Ohio in time to get married Labor Day weekend, September 1, 1973, in my hometown of Sandusky. A year later while Terry got his Master's Degree from Miami University, I made the long commute to teach middle school language arts in Tipp City, OH. I taught there 4 years, and Terry joined me for two years teaching math before we moved back to NE Ohio and Mount Union for the birth of our first son Adam in 1978. We also became the first ADULT Head residents at Miller Hall that year. (Coincidentally Adam arrived early, September 4th, during Freshman Orientation Weekend--9 years after I had met his father at our Freshman Orientation!) Terry returned to his high school alma mater, West Branch High School, to teach science, math, biology and Human Anatomy and to coach football, wrestling, track, and cross country from 1978 until his retirement in 2015. I took a break from teaching full time after the birth of our daughter in 1981. We then had two more sons, and all four graduated from West Branch and went on to earn degrees from Miami University, University of Notre Dame, Fordham Law, University of Findlay, Wright State University and Carnegie Mellon University. (Mount Union was just too close to attend for our own kids who had had Mom and Dad in their junior high and high school every day.) I had returned to the 7th-grade language arts classroom at West Branch in the fall of 1994 until my retirement in 2012, also coaching Power of the Pen teams and advising WBJH Student Council for many years.

Terry and I still reside in Beloit, OH, enjoying retirement and traveling to play with our 4 grandkids (with two more on the way in February and April.) It has been wonderful living near Alliance and watching Mount Union change over the years. Who knows, maybe our grandchildren will want to return to Mount Union where their Grammy and Papa had met, fallen in love, and launched their careers so many years before.

Shaun ’97 and Catherine (Oakes '98) Rook




"We met in March 1996 in Panama City Beach Florida on Spring Break. Shaun was invited to go with a Friend Jason Neubig who had won the school sponsored trip in an on campus contest. Cathy went on the school sponsored trip with her friend Sophie Au. Cathy Slept the entire bus trip down to Florida making It impossible for me to talk to her. I had seen Cathy on campus prior to the trip but never had the courage to talk to her, I loved her extremely long hair she had. Cathy and I finally ended up at the same club together in Panama City Beach, FL and after pushing me away all night as I attempted to dance with her, Cathy agreed to let me walk her back to her hotel. We walked along the beach in the dark of the night talking and enjoying the others company.

We ended up spending a lot more time together on the rest of that trip and again once we arrived back on campus. Cathy and I have been together ever since. We got Married in 2000 and went to Ireland for our 10 Year Anniversary! We now live in Parma, Oh and have two beautiful children Casey (5) and Brayden (3).

Thank You Mount Union for bringing us together!"

Juan '85 and Sissi (Fotini Epitropou '84) Guzman
"We met at Mount. Juan was a student from PR and I was an international student from Athens, Greece. We became friends in the International Club. We were friends for the longest time. We both liked to dance, watch movies, and travel. We spent many hours talking about our cultures and our counties.

 We loved being around each other but didn't date for a long time. Everyone thought we were a couple but we were just friends. The summer before my senior year, Juan sent to me a beautiful letter in Greece. When I returned he gave me a tiny porcelain piggy holding a flower. I love piglets. Everyone in Elliott Hall was tired of my buzzing code. They knew it was Juan. Then, one evening he said the most amazing things to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so nervous so I told him I had to study for a test but I was going to answer the next day. My heart was pounding from happiness as I knew I loved being with him. He left kindly and the next day I told him YES. He is a quiet guy but for the first time I knew he was more than happy. He held me for the longest time. He was always caring, respectful, patient, helpful, creative, smart, and multi-talented. He is still the man I met in 1981. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Even though it was hard for me to accept staying in the USA instead of returning to Greece with my family, I never regret sharing my life with him.

We got married in 1984 in Mount's Chapel. We had a small ceremony with nobody there but us and Doug Lewis, our Mount friend who performed the ceremony. No wedding dress, no cake, no guests, no diamond ring, no honeymoon. Just us and our love. Juan is an amazing man, the love of my life, the Juan and only. I could never imagine my life without him.  We have three kids who we adore. We have worked together in the same schools for many years.  Mount is the best school for life long friendships and endless love stories like ours."

Brian ‘95 and Mindy (Davis ‘94) Domer

"We met in Concert Choir at Mount Union in the fall of 1991.  Brian, a freshman, and Mindy, a sophomore, quickly developed a friendship through a group of common friends. "He wanted to date my friends!" Mindy recalls. "Actually," Brian contests, "I don't think she wanted to have anything to do with me at first... But I changed her mind." Not long after we started dating, Shannon (Douglas '92) George caught us kissing on "the bridge" one evening. According to the Purple Raider legend, our future was sealed! Our relationship grew over the next year through choir, recitals, social activities, rehearsals and performances for the musical, "Fiddler on the Roof" in the spring of 1993.

Brian finally got the courage to propose in April. One night, following a recital at Cope, we gathered with friends at the home of piano professor, Melanie Vlad. Not out of the ordinary, we all started to sing around the piano. In order to make fun of Melissa (Biscup '93) LoPresto, who had a bad experience seeing "Phantom" in Toronto during her student teaching. We all decided to sing the famous duet "All I Ask of You" from the show. Little did Mindy know, this was all orchestrated by Brian and Melanie. At the climax of the song Brian pulled out a ring and proposed in front of everyone. We were married a year later, on July 23, 1994... and we sang that same duet at our wedding ceremony.

 Fast forward nearly 24 years!!!  We now live in Carrollton, Ohio. Mindy is the Director of Choral Music for Carrollton High School, and Brian works as a Title I Reading Specialist for Canton City Schools. We are very active in our church and community. We have two children. Our daughter, Elizabeth Grace is currently a sophomore at the University of Mount Union, with a double major in Music and Theater. Our son, Olan James, is a junior at Carrollton High School where he serves as class president and is involved in the choral, instrumental, and theatre programs.

We look forward to returning to campus every chance we get, and do so often now that Elizabeth is in school at Mount. We have such fond memories of our time together at “dear old MUC”! We certainly credit our alma mater for bringing us together. 
Go Raiders!"

 John '68 and Barbara (Wainwright '69) Armitage
"We met at the campus center the week before Christmas vacation at a mixer. John was a sophomore and I was a freshman but both of us had significant others who were attending OU.  We met, danced and exchanged names (I thought he said his name was Jack Leader, and I remember telling my roommate Cathie Franks Johnson all about him).  When he called later that week, neither of us recognized the name as someone who had answered the floor phone (yes we all shared one pay phone) yelled down the hall, “Call for Barb from John Armitage.” Following a Christmas break during which we dissolved our other relationships, we started dating and dated through all of our time at Mount.  We have so many wonderful memories of snow walks, study dates, floats, formals, dances, studying in the library and exchanging notes as we passed on campus.  (How goofy does this sound years later?)

We were married in August of my senior year (1968) after John graduated and we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in August of this year! We’ve been close to Mount ever since - John served a couple of terms on alumni council, I worked with their summer programs and teacher training programs, and of course we have attended many plays, lectures, and football games."

Len '69 and Lynda (Cailor '69) Slack
"We met during Greek Week activities in 1967. Each fraternity and sorority tried to get points in a variety of activities. He was a Sigma Nu and I was Tri Delta. One game we participated in was called  "derby derby" where the men had to wear derby style hats and the women tried to take them.  The sorority with the most hats got all the points for that game. I had met Len at a mixer and decided to get his derby.....it took awhile but I finally caught him and that was the beginning of our story together.

We dated our Junior year, got pinned that Christmas and engaged our senior year. We have been married for 48 1/2 years. Our son David and his wife Sally live in Cincinnati and both graduated from UC. They have three children. Our younger son, Mark and his wife Jennifer both graduated from Mount Union , live in Louisville, OH and have three children."

 James '62 and Barbara (Rainey '62) Thom
"We met at Mount our Sophmore year. I asked Jim to an Alpha Chi  formal. We ended up dating. We went to parties, dances and games together. We got pinned our Junior year and engaged  Christmas our senior year. Got married  in Aug. 1962. Now 55 years later with 2 boys and 8 grandchildren we are as much in love as ever. Thank you Mount Union."

Jim '71 and Paula (Carter '71) Orr
"I first met Paula Carter(Orr) “71”, well, met is a bit of hyperbole, I saw her in the lobby of Miller Hall before a home football game. I was gobsmacked. Little did I know that one month later we would be triple dating with friends for Homecoming, but not with each other. During the evening, her date and mine spent a great deal of time talking about a Biology exam looming on  the Monday after Homecoming. I saw an opportunity to dance with her and took full advantage. I am not sure we even danced with our dates after that. At the end of the evening, we planned to meet the next afternoon to make cookies to take to the studiers. After the deliveries were made, we walked to the lakes and had our first kiss. We have been together since October of 1967.

We were married in 1971 and started teaching in southern Ohio. In 1976, I joined Sue at Bishop Fenwick high school in Middletown. We then moved to Fort Wayne, IN so I could further my coaching. I ended up teaching at Fort Wayne North Side and Sue at Bishop Dwenger. In 2000, we moved to Georgia and finished our careers there. We are now living in North Carolina and loving retirement and each other. None of this could have been without the love Mount showed us."

David '59 and Marilyn (Hanson '57) Henne
"In September, 1955, on my very first day of college, I headed to my very first class. It was in the northwest corner of the first floor in Chapman Hall—beginning Greek class with Dr. Elihu Stauffer. Five students were seated there in a semi-circle in front of the professor’s desk, and there was one empty chair. I occupied it and found myself next to a young lady, a junior from Cleveland. In conversations before and after class (not during), we discovered we had similar backgrounds and several common interests. My mother and father had met in college and they talked of college as a “match factory.” So these two realities were wired into me—that I would study in college and that there I was likely to meet the lady who would be my wife. So I set out from day one with those two priorities in mind, the second eventually overtaking the first."

 The second semester rolled around, and the first big event of the season was the annual Mardi Gras dance. I consulted a friend about whom I might ask to the dance. He said, “Well, you seem to get along well with Marilyn (the one in Greek class). You could ask her.” “But,” I said, “she’s a junior.” “Well,” he said, “it wouldn’t hurt anything to just ask her and see what she says.” I couldn’t argue with that, so I tried to think of a clever way to ask her. She worked at the charging counter in the library, and with that I devised my ploy. I took a request card from the rack and wrote on it, “Would you go to the Mardi Gras with me?” I took it to the counter and looked for my opportunity to give it to Marilyn. She was a little bewildered to receive such a charging request, and asked for some clarification. I assured her that, although not a normal library request, such was my intention on this particular occasion.

 Surprisingly, she didn’t even bring up the alarming disparity of our academic rank. We went to the dance, and enjoyed each others company so much that we’re headed for sixty years’ worth this summer."



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