25th Reunion for 1st OAC Championship Team!

Members of the 1985 Purple Raider Football team came back to campus to celebrate as the first Mount Union team to win an OAC title and start the football legacy!  The team visited in the locker room, had sideline passes during the game and were recognized during the halftime show.  The team then regrouped at the Wing Warehouse to continue socializing with each other and their families! 

Email photos to the alumni office at alumni@mountunion.edu if you have more to share below.   

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Look Who Came....

  • Coach Wable
  • Coach Maderia
  • Bill Eyer
  • Jeff Erskine
  • Scott Gindlesberger
  • Mike Groff
  • Vic Harris
  • John Heather
  • Doug Hoff
  • Ed Hogya
  • W. Mike Jarrett
  • Neil Keim
  • Bob Klinar
  • David Kowalski
  • Keith Lowden
  • Michael Strumbly
  • Tony Tarantino
  • Craig Unckrich
  • Carl Wagner
  • Scott Woolf


  • Caroline (Engle) Strumbly
  • Laura (Gligor) Palumbo

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