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Love is in the air… and has been at Mount Union for many years! 

49 Mount Union couples joined us for a renewing of vows where it all began...

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Marilyn '58 and Chris '57 King at the Blackfoot-Whitefoot Dance in 1957.
Marilyn '58 and Chris '57 King at the Blackfoot-Whitefoot Dance in 1957.


Sweetheart Stories:

Clark '62 & Sandy (Albrich '63) Archer

They say it’s chemistry that attracts two people, but in our case it was “history.”   It was my first day of class of my freshman year at Mount. The class was European History with Dr. Saffell. I wasn’t prepared because I was still looking to purchase used textbooks. We were immediately seated alphabetically. Hence,  Albrich and Archer in the first and second seats. I was fumbling around looking for a pen and notebook paper; and ,of course, I had no book. The boy (Archer) next to me noticed my predicament and offered to share his history book. After class we were to attend the opening chapel service and I asked Archer where chapel was held. He said, “Come with me, I will walk you to the Methodist church.” Well, I didn’t mention that I was born and raised in Alliance and knew the town well. He was cute, so I said “Okay show me where it is”.

The following Friday was a freshman mixer where he met me (although I have yet to figure out why a sophomore was there).  Then, came steady dating, pinned by the end of that year, serenaded in my junior year (his Senior year) by my ADP sorority and his FKT fraternity, engaged in my senior year, and married right after my graduation.

 Seven children, eight grandchildren, and 47 years later we’re still making “HISTORY”.

John '68 & Barb (Wainwright '69) Armitage

My first encounter with John was when he invited me to dance at a friday night mixer in the Campus Center.  The band (all live then) was very loud.  We spent the evening dancing (possibly "doing the pony").  Because the music was so loud, I thought he introduced himself as "Jack" Leader.  After the dance, I returned to my room in Ketcham and told my roommate (Cathie Franks Johnson '69) that I'd met a guy named "Jack" that I really liked.  When he called and said his name was John, I thought maybe "Jack" was a nickname. 

We had a couple of "coke dates" and then both returned home for Christmas vacation all the while my thinking his name was "Jack".  I made him a collage early in our dating and remember putting "Jack Leader" on it.  He must have allowed me to call him "Jack" because it seemed like it took awhile before I really understood that his name was John Armitage!

My maiden name is Wainwright and because of the initial W, I sat in the back of every alphabetized classroom and hated it!  For years I told my entire family and high school friends that when I married it would be to someone whose last name began with the letter "A" so my kids wouldn't have to sit in the back of the room.  On John's initial visit with my grandmother, she asked, "Armitage...that's with an "A", right?"  So many people commented about the initial "A" in his last name that he had to ask why it was a big deal.  Although it really wasn't the reason we married, it was funny...  And of course my kids hated sitting in the front of the room!!

Scott '80 & Laura (Thompson '82) Berkeley

Scott and I met during band/choir camp my freshman year his junior year.  After camp I went home and told my mother I met the guy I am going to marry!

We were married the summer after my junior year and we lived on campus my senior year.  We have 4 wonderful boys, 1 is a Mount graduate and one is a junior at Mount.  We have been married for 29 fantastic years and will be purple raider fans forever!

Gordon '65 & Barbara (Brown '63) Broome

Gordon had completed his freshman year at Mount Union while working 40 hours a week. He then decided to join the Navy. When he returned home to Alliance after 4 and 1/2 years in the service, he returned to Mount Union to complete his degree. It was at this point that I met him.

I got to know Gordon when he dated and studied with one of my girlfriends. In those days I could flirt pretty well because I knew it didn't mean anything, so I flirted with him! Sometimes as he was walking across campus I would yell out of the third floor window of my dorm room in McMaster Hall, "Hey, Lover!" About a month before I graduated in the spring of '63 he disappeared.

I didn't see or hear from him until a year later when he called and asked me out on our first date. We went to see the movie "Pink Panther." We dated for four years until we were married. And, the rest is history! We celebrated our 42nd anniversary on June 9, 2010. We have two Children, Zane, who is a dentist in New Hampshire, and Jennifer, who works at George Washington University in Washington DC. We were both public school teachers and are now enjoying our retirement very much.

John '06 & Kelli (Miller '09) Burkey

John and I met in the fall of 2005 when I was a Freshman and he was a Senior. We met through the service fraternity on campus, Alpha Phi Omega. I went to an informational meeting during the second week of classes and he was standing in the back talking to one of the advisors I knew.  When John came up to us he called me Brittany (when my name is Kelli). I gave him a weird look and wasn't sure what he was thinking. Over the next couple weeks, I found that we had been going to some of the same service projects (later to find out he was "stalking" me just so he could get to know me better), so he asked for my phone number and we started talking online. He seemed like a nice guy and he finally started calling me by my actual name. Shortly after we had been talking, he asked me out on a date and I thought there would be no harm in saying "yes." So he took me to Applebees for dinner, then we went shopping. John finally decided to make things official and asked me to be his girlfriend on Homecoming weekend that year.

The next four years seemed to fly by as we continued to expand our relationship until the summer of 2008 came around and John decided he didn't want a girlfriend anymore. On June 27, down in front of the Horseshoe at Ohio State, he asked me to be his wife. I screamed, cried, and said "YES"!! On August 22, 2009, we tied the knot and became husband and wife :o) We have been enjoying our first year of marriage together and we are so thankful that Mount Union College (yes, it will always be MUC) brought us together and we will never forget all the wonderful memories we've created on the beautiful campus!


Curt '77 & Jeannie (Fizet '73) Dieffenbaugher

My sister, Judy Fizet introduced Curt to me in the Hoover Price Campus center one night during dinner before school started in 1976. I had graduated in 1973, was teaching in Austintown, Ohio and had just begun my duties as the housemother for the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Wasn't interested in guys at all. However, Curt asked me out in September, we got engaged in December and married July 2, 1977. 33 years later we are the proud parents of two grown children, Tim and Michelle and the proud grandparents of Hollie, (9), Luke (5) and Jada (2). Curt spends his fall Saturdays, listening to the Mount games on the internet wearing one of his many MU shirts. We try to make it "home" at least for one game each year.  Love and miss, dear ole' MUC!

Rich '95 & Karla (Jackson '94) Dine

As a couple, some of our best memories at Mount Union involved being part of the football team.  Rich and I loved playing & cheering for such a great team, but best of all it brought our two families together.  Both sets of parents would come to all the games and then all of us would go out to dinner after the game.  Those Saturday afternoons together at Mount helped to combine our families!

Stephen Araps '08 & Amy Duffy '08

Amy and I will be getting married on June 12th so we will not be able to attend the event. We think that's a pretty good excuse We met at a Halloween party in 2006, went on a date to Doug's Diner, and we have been together ever since. Mount Union gave us an excellent education and the loves of our lives!

Matthew '94 & Trista (Heeter '97) Durchik

How We Met… The summer before my freshman year at Mount, my high school boyfriend asked my to marry him. We decided to wait to get married until after college……good thing! Once school had started, I had my first night out at the bars with the girls. We went to Kent and were dancing...when along comes this guy that won't leave me alone. Long story short… I ended up clocking him and he wasn't very happy about it, so he gathered up his buddies and were huddling me out the door. Needless to say, I was freaking out.

Meanwhile, another guy was noticing what was happening. Before I knew it, he had come up behind me, put his arms around me, picked me up and told the other guys to leave me alone… hero!!! Later in the year, I was at a ΣΝ parties sitting on the couch upstairs and this guy sat down right next me. He leaned over and said, “If you don’t marry that other guy, I’m going to marry you!” I giggled and said, “Okay, drunk guy!” When he was walking away, I realized he was the guy that had saved me at the bar. I still didn’t know who he was, but I saw him at all the parties there. We eventually got to know each other and learned his name was Durch. He was a lot of fun to hang out with.

He graduated that year, so I didn’t figure I’d ever see him again. One night my senior year, me and the girls were hanging out in the dorm when the phone rang. It was him and his old roommate. They had stopped by ΣΝ and saw our phone number up on my roommate’s big brother’s board. They called and invited us over. When we arrived, his old roommate answered the door. First thing he did was look at my hand and asked where my engagement ring was. I told him that the guy had left me and went to Alaska with his best friend’s girlfriend. Immediately, he dragged me all the way up to third floor and yelled to everyone that I wasn’t engaged anymore. There wasn’t anywhere to sit, so I sat on Durch’s lap. Now, he is my Matthew…and we lived happily ever after…

Phil '75 & Barb (Hoffman '76) Ehrman

We met in the fall of 1972.  Phil was a sophomore and I was a freshman.  A blind date was arranged by Phil's roommate, Jim Amaismeier.  We continued to date through the school year as we ended relationships at home.  Since we both were from Pittsburgh we stayed in touch that first summer but gave each other room for our high school friends.  Once we started back to school in the fall of 1973 we were dating pretty seriously.  That continued through Phil's graduation in spring of 1975.  Our relationship was more distant while I finished my senior year.

After graduating from Mount Union College, Phil went to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  I returned to Pittsburgh, found a job and our relationship continued.  Phil graduated from law school in May 1978.  In August we were married and began our life together.  Together we have raised three children and have very fond memories of our beginning on the the campus of dear old MUC.

Arther "Pat" '37 & Francis (Farwick '37) Engelberg

I am inspired by your plan to honor wedding anniversaries of Mount Union students of the years.  In 1933 I was a freshman sitting in classes next to Frances Farwick.  After four years of this we graduated in 1937.  On Thanksgiving day Nov 25, 1937 we were married in St. Joseph Catholic Church in Canton.  We have two daughters, Mary Shumar and Beth Mullan and three grandchildren, Sam Mullan, Sarah Mullan and Laura Cantrell. 

Craig '83 & Laurie (Moorman '84) Eppler

It’s a story right out of the Disney tradition. We were in the Mount Union Concert Choir on tour in March of 1983. Laurie was a Junior and I was a Senior. On tour, we were secretly engaged in the Magic Kingdom. “Secretly” because part of Laurie’s “engagement” dream was to first announce her engagement at her own Alpha Delta Pi candlelight ceremony back at Mount Union. We were with 50 other Mount Union choir friends and she could not tell a soul. So, she would stay on the bus at lunch times while everyone else got off just so she could slip on her ring for a few minutes at a time.   26 years and three amazing children, (Sean is now a Freshman and in the Mount Union concert choir), and the fairy tale lives on as we live Happily Ever After!

Mike '86 & Anita (Drda '87) Exley

Mike and I knew each other since my freshman year. Both involved in theatre, we were only in one production together: Candide, where he was (among other characters) the old philosopher, Pangloss and I played (among other characters) a “woman with just one buttock.” We did hang with the same crowd. It wasn’t until the Summer between my Junior and Senior years that our relationship really sparked; we both lived on campus that Summer.

On our first date we toilet papered the theatre green room while the then “Mr.” now Dr. Hendel was in his office late one night, diligently working on his dissertation! We nabbed the toilet paper from the restrooms and went past his office several times while we did our work. We still can’t believe he didn’t hear us!  Although maintenance cleaned up the green room before anyone could appreciate our work, they left the headband on the Rodman bust for at least a week!

We remember watching MTV videos on the huge console TV in Hoover Price when they first came out (Robert Palmer—“Addicted to Love”, etc.). We fondly remember the dark, cavernous snack bar of our era, where we listened to the 45’s on the vintage Jukebox as we waited for Ruthie to heartily yell out our names as our orders of pizza or nachos came up. We also recall seeing, “Top Gun” together at Mount Union Theater, where $1.00 and some change got you a decent cheap date! July 7, 2010 marks our 20th wedding anniversary.

John '71 & Connie (Snode '70) Flynn

It was 1969.  After a month of John "begging" Connie for a date, she finally relented, and we met at the SAC's Spring Carnival (on the "Ides of March-an omen/warning?) held in the old Memorial Hall (now a parking lot).  For the next five years, we dated (or not).  We were pinned, and went through the Sigma Nu/Alpha Xi Delta serenade. Connie graduated in 1970, and John in 1971.  Connie moved to Columbus and taught 6th grade, and John followed her to Columbus to go to law school at The Ohio State University College of Law. 

On the Ides of March (another warning?) in 1974, John asked Connie to marry him, the proposal coming in a fortune cookie at a Columbus restaurant (now a parking lot).  We were married in August of that same year shortly after John finished the bar exam.  Thirty-six years, a few gray hairs later (not Connie), three sons and five grandchildren later, we continue to live in Kent, happily ever after!

Thomas '68 & Brenda (Beeney '67) Frank

Tom and I sincerely regret that we are unable to come for homecoming this year and will miss the renewal of vows ceremony.  We met as freshmen at Mount Union in 1964 (working in the dishroom for Slaters!) and have been married for 43 years! Our organist played the alma mater at our wedding!  Tommy has been very ill with the complications of a hip replacement in June and has been in the hospital since Labor Day.  Thank God he is recovering but it is very slow.

Howard "Howdy" '50 & Ellen "Gert" (Williams '49) Friend

Ellen "Gert" and I dated for four years on campus from 1946-1950.  We were married June 17, 1950 and celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary this year.  As you know we still visit campus once a month and have lunch with former classmates.

Jay '98 & Rachel (Garnes '00) Hays

We met the first weekend of school the fall of 1996 at a Sigma Nu party. We started dating in October of 1996 and started dating exclusively by December 1996. We fell in love and continued dating throughout our college careers and in the spring of 1999 Jay left a trail of roses and love notes that lead to the Brumbaugh Nature Center where he proposed under an arbor. We were married May 27, 2000 and have been blessed with our 15 month old son Samuel and another baby due in May!

Bruce '70 & Judy (Popelka '71) Hixon

We first met in Student Senate in the fall of 1969.  Bruce was the representative for McCready Hall and I was representing ADPi sorority.  We began dating in February of 1969 when we attended "The Private Life of the Master Race" presented by the college drama department.  We both continued seeing other people as we worked our way though a sometimes stormy relationship in the winter and spring of '69.  The following year things smoothed out and we began seeing each other "exclusively."  We became engaged in February of my Senior year (1971) and were married 39 wonderful years ago on July 24, 1971.

Bob '85 & Joanna (Greene '85) Jones

Bob and I met because we had many of the same friends, plus he seemed terribly glamorous, coming from the "exotic" state of New Jersey as part of the 80's experiment with lacrosse. Watching him goaltend was tense, to say the least. He famously refused to go get an X-ray of his wrist until the Kentucky Derby was done! We also worked on the Dynamo at the same time -- I was editor, he ran the paper down to the press once we got done with the mock-up, since he was one of the few people who had a car on campus.

We got engaged our junior year and married the summer after graduation -- it was like a Mount Union reunion, as we were amongst the first to tie the knot. Rev. CashBurless' husband Tom was one of our ushers; a few years later my roommate Heather and Bob's best friend Bill became another Mount Union couple when they also got married. It's been 25 years now, and we'll always have a soft spot for the lakes, Elliott Hall, lacrosse in the rain, and playing Tetris in the pool room. 



 Richard '42 & Ruth (Thompson '70) Jones

I had tickets to the Homecoming Dance and was looking for a date to it.  Ruth Thompson and a group of girls came to the College Inn - all were hunting for a date.  I asked her to dance and then the group left.  Later, Ruth and the girls returned to the College Inn and I asked her for a date to the Homecoming Dance and that was the start of a romance!!  We were married on May 1, 1942 - 67 years ago!

Ed & Christina (Stary '99) Kelly

Ed and I met in Dr. Brueske's biology 101 class in the fall of 1994.  Several weeks later he sent me a card letting me know how he felt about me and our first date was at a volleyball game.  Then in July 1996 he proposed on the park bench next to the Lakes.  We've been married for 10 years now.

Christopher '57 & Marilyn (Jackson '58) King

Once upon a time in 1956 a young coed named Jackson sat near a guy named King in The History of the Far East class taught by John Saffell...ahhh the luck of alphabetical seating!

They learned the history well and also learned that they liked each other quite a lot.  With this blossoming friendship came the opportunity to enjoy each other in Alliance and the Blackfoot - Whitefoot dance put on by ATO and Sigma Nu fraternities.  After a couple of tentative dates, Chris invited Marilyn to the dance and they discovered they were truly in love.  So they graduated and after nurses training and Medical school they married in the fall of 1959.

Soon after "Ricky" was born who turned out to be an MUC alum followed by Christopher J. who graduated Kent State University and finally act 3 came and produced Lisa Kathryn who also graduated Mount Union.  Chris and Marilyn celebrated their 50th anniversary last fall with several classmates in attendance.  Looks like the pairing will stick perhaps with the tenacity of superglue!

Bill '52 & Carolyn (Cowie '55) Krochta

Bill was the House Father in Miller Hall where I was a Freshman.  He asked me to the Homecoming Dance in 1951 and we were married in August 1954, 56 years ago! 

Gary '75 & Nancy (Orwick '76) McCamon

Gary and I met at Madsen's Diner in the winter of 1974, married in 1976 and still live in the Alliance area.  Both of our children graduated from MUC and nove have 11 people that are MUC alumnae from our families.

Michael '01 & Deidre (Philpott '01) McDonald

We first met during a freshman year class in college, where Deidre “tutored” Mike. Throughout college, we found ourselves at the same events and had many of the same friends, so naturally, we too became friends. Three years later, during our senior year, Michael nonchalantly suggested he and Deidre go out sometime, which Deidre agreed. It wasn’t until three weeks later that Michael finally called to ask Deidre out. Of course, Deidre immediately accepted! We dated for about a year and a half before Michael proposed. We were engaged for 10 months, and we’ve been married now for over 7 years. The weekend of the Mount Union Vow Renewals is, appropriately, the 10th anniversary of our first date!

John '58 & Sandy (Starr '58) McLachlan  

We met in the fall of 1954 at a freshman mixer when we both arrived as students at MUC.  John lived in what was then the Student Union.  I was at Miller Hall, so we both ate at Miller.  Our first date was in March of 1955, on my birthday.  John heard them singing "Happy Birthday" to me in the cafeteria, and offered to take me to the show that night if I'd pay my own way.  I agreed, but when we got to the ticket window he paid for my ticket.  So I said I'd pay the next time!  We both loved to dance.  By the time we were juniors and seniors, it was not unusual to be going to a formal dance on both Friday and Saturday nights since each sorority and fraternity invited a representative from each of the other Greek organizations to their formal dances.  He gave me his Phi Tau pin our senior year.  In May, the night of our senior serenade, he slipped a diamond engagement ring on my finger. 

Since we were both on our way to grad school, we waited a year to be married.  We were married June 14, 1959 and immediately moved to Wilton, Maine, where John served two small Methodist churches while going to seminary at Boston University.  The church people had been very "upfront."  They had wanted a married student pastor so his wife could keep the water pipes in the parsonage from freezing while he was away at school during the week!  We've been a team ever since.  We have two grown children, Daniel and Karen, and two granddaughters.  Life is very good!  Thank you MUC for bringing us together!!  Now married more than 51 years

Eric "Jim" '56 & Sally (Cooper '56) Otto

Jim and I met at the bottom of the girl's staircase in Chapman Hall. Jim was the stage manager for a production of "My Three Angels". He needed the names of the members of my prop committee.  We got to know each other backstage.  The rest is history.

One Wednesday we skipped chapel and went to Isaly's instead. Jim got a Hostess filled cupcake. He took one bite of it and made a face like it was spoiled. He told me to smell it. I did and ended up wearing the cupcake on my nose. I couldn't do anything but laugh.  Life has been good for the past 54 years.....full of happiness and laughter.

John '57 & Mary (Dunlap '57) Patterson

I met Bert, who was from Pittsburgh and I was from Salem, Ohio, during our Freshman Orientation in September of 1953.  Our interest in each other progressed very slowly as Bert's football/basketball schedule took precedent over everything.  Throughout the coming years our relationship was solidified by becoming engaged on November 30, 1955 and married on August 25, 1956.

We built our home in Salem, Ohio and have two children, Yvonne Kollman and John Patterson Jr. along with three grandchildren, Kera, Kris and Kayla Kollman.

We have just celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary this past August.  Being retired, we spend our time volunteering and travelling.

Larry '83 & Jill (Sawyer '85) Reeder

I proposed to Jill 5 minutes before April Fool's day in 1984 at her AZD sorority formal.  Jill accepted but had to keep it a secret from her sorority sisters for the entire formal weekend! 

Dave '75 & Denise (Popa '76) Reichard

What a cool idea, to celebrate Mount Union couples!! Dave and I met in 1975.  We were both cast in the student production of GODSPELL, which proved to be a memorable time for both of us. We were married in 1977 and fast forward...we will be celebrating our 33rd anniversary in June in suburban Buffalo, NY, where we reside.

We have two daughters. Jamie was just recently married to her college sweetheart (U of Detroit Mercy) and as I write this she and her husband , Andrew, are on their honeymoon. And our second daughter, Megan, will happily be graduating from dear old MUC on May 8th as an Early Childhood Educator. I suppose that will be the last Mount Union College graduating class ever and we are so proud she will be a part of that!! An out-of -town family commitment will preclude us from participating in the Couples Weekend, but we hope it's a grand time for all !!

Shaun '98 & Catherine (Oakes '97) Rook

 A friend of mine at Mount, Jason Neubig, won a free trip to spring break 1996 and was allowed to take three friends. I was one one of his free friends. We traveled by bus with other students and Catherine was one of those students. She was heading down to Panama City Beach Florida with a a friend of hers Sophie Au. I knew Sophie but never met Catherine. Catherine slept the whole way down. I had asked Sophie about her and Sophie told me great things about Catherine, so I made it a goal of mine to meet her during this trip. Did I mention she slept the whole trip to Florida.

When we finally arrived, everyone was exhausted from the long bus ride so we just headed to our rooms to get settled. One of the nights we met up with Sophie and her friends, including Catherine, and went to a club together. After a few brush offs, a couple of cold shoulders, and a long romantic walk back to the hotel on the beach we started a life long relationship. When we got back to Mount Union we became life long friends and four years later husband and wife in July of 2000. Thanks Mount Union I never would have gone on that trip if you did not pay the way. We just got back from Ireland to Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary.

Bill '82 & Kathleen (Enders '83) Schumacher

Kathy and I have been married for 27 years.  I was with a couple of Sigma Nu fraternity brothers delivering invitations in King Hall  to a “Little Sister” function we were going to be hosting when I noticed an attractive redhead talking on the phone in the hallway.  She was too wrapped up in her conversation to notice me.  However we continued down the hallway and around the corner when all of the sudden Kathy came flying around the corner to chase us down.  She thought we were selling cookies and she was craving something sweet to eat (an initial sign of her intense sweet tooth).  When we all looked at her somewhat dumfounded as to how and why she got the impression we were selling cookies, she quickly realized her gaffe and her face turned the color of her hair in embarrassment. 

It took me another year to get to meet her as she happened to be the roommate of what eventually turned out to be my fraternity little brother.  Accordingly, since she was a year younger than me I utilized the assistance of some of her peers to get an introduction.  Bottom line, it was love at first sight, at least for me.  She has told me that she fell for me when I summoned the courage to approach her in the library and knelt down on one knee to talk with her since she was sitting down.

Bruce '73 & Jane (George '72) Schutrum

Jane's class, Music for El Ed Majors was observing our Elementary Music Methods evening classes where we tried our lesson plans on area third graders.  Dr. Phelps was not there for this one class and things did not go very well for us, to say the least.  Of course, I wanted to know what their instructor thought knowing that she would be reporting our disaster to Dr. Phelps.

The next evening at dinner I sat with Jane and her friend Linda, dying to know what was said in their class concerning their observation of us.  It was not good!  But on the positive side, Jane and I became friends that night, started dating and the rest is history!

Brian '87 & Christine (Wolonsky '86) Sheetz

There were only about 800 students on campus in the 1980's so with some mutual friends Brian and Chris knew each other.  In the spring of 1985 they both had the flu at the same time and would often commisserate in the Health Center waiting to see the doctor and have their all too often strep test.  They didn't feel up to nights out with the rest of their friends but Brian would bring a can of chicken noodle soup to Chris' room in Elliottt Hall where she would have orange juice in the fridge.  These nutrionally-healing evenings gave way to love, made official when Brian came back to campus after Easter with a handful of daffodils picked from his parents' yard. 

Len '69 & Lynda (Cailor '69) Slack

In the late 60’s Greek Week was a special time for all of the sororities and fraternities on campus. One of the events was a competition that had everyone running around campus called “Derby Derby.” The men wore black derby hats and the girls chased the men and tried to take their derby. The sorority that captured the most hats won points for their sisters. I was determined that Delta Delta Delta was going to win this event and I was equally determined to get the derby of a special Sigma Nu. I finally caught him. This past summer we celebrated our 41st anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Len Slack. 

We still live in Alliance and both worked for the West Branch Local Schools where I taught art and Len was an administrator. We have two sons, David and his wife Sally live in Cincinnati with three of our precious grandchildren and our youngest son, Mark (MUC 2000) and his wife Jen (MUC 2003), along with Cailor age 6, live in Canton.  We have wonderful memories of “Dear Old MUC” and still enjoy the many activities the campus has to offer.


Matt '94 & Becky (Dixon '94) Stinson


James '94 & Ann Marie (Pasek '95) Stuart

Mount Union was a fairly small campus so most students know one another in some fashion or another. Ann Marie and I knew of each other; however, we never really knew each other until we were on the same RA staff. We began talking during RA training. Then one fateful night at the end of August 1993, a choice was made that has taken us to where we are today- for Ann Marie that choice was “stopping by” my dorm room and for me that choice was saying “yes” to join her jogging that night.

I was in my small house and had just finished taking a shower after working out when I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and to my surprise it was Ann Marie and her friend Mallory. Ann Marie said they were “in the neighborhood “ (nevermind that her dorm was completely on the other side of campus) and wondered if I wanted to go out for a jog. I absolutely hate to jog , but that night I began my jogging career and have been chasing after Ann Marie ever since.  We have been happily married now 14 years, live in Medina, and have 3 children.

Mark '81 & Nancy (Egler '80) Walter

Mark and I met when he wanted to go bowling with his fraternity brother Tod Booth and his date Kathy Egler Booth in the spring of my sophomore year and Mark's freshman year.   Mark needed a partner so Tod said ask Kathy's sister. Our time at Mount was special, Kathy and I were roommates in McMaster and Mark and Tod at the SAE house.   Mark went on to grad school after graduation and we continued our long distance relationship, he was at Northeastern and I was working in Pittsburgh. In 1982 he asked me to marry him on the bridge at the lakes on Mount's campus. We were married July 9, 1983. 27 years and 3 children later Mount still holds a very special place in our hearts!

George '54 & Shirley (Barrick '56) Weimer

We first met in 1953 on a double date.  I was with a Sigma Nu friend of George’s, and  George was on a blind date with an Alpha Chi friend of mine. We four went to an informal dance in Morgan Gym – the Bristle Brawl.  The dance involved a contest to see which guy could grow the longest beard.  What fun we four had that night.  My date and George were a real comedy team.  After the dance, when we went to the Sigma Nu house for ice cream, George tried to introduce us girls to Mrs. Anderson, the housemother.  He remembered my name but totally forgot his date’s!  I don’t think she’s ever forgiven him. He still says it was our fault; we neglected to introduce them.  

Eight months later when the Alpha Chis were planning a hayride, I invited George as my date.  That took some courage because I had no idea if he would accept or not.  He did, and we continued to date throughout his senior and my sophomore year.  After his 1954 graduation, he went intothe Army for a two-year stint in Korea and Japan.  For 18 months, we didn’t see each other but wrote often and planned our wedding.  In 1956, I graduated from Mount, he was discharged, and we married in August. To this day, I feel sure we wouldn’t be married if I hadn’t called him for that hayride. Fifty-four years later, he’s still making me laugh, and we still love Mount Union for bringing us together.

Dohrman "Dormie" '55 & Mary Lou (Hukill '56) Wells

We met at Miller hall in September of 1952.  I was washing dishes in the cafeteria.  Mary Lou came thru the serving line wearing an attractive gold skirt that caught my eye.  "Wow!"  We said hello and I said to myself "I have to get to know this girl!"  We dated through College and were married in August of 1956.  We've been married for 54 years.

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