Technology Accelerator Alliance (TA2)

Housed on the campus of the University of Mount Union, TA2 looks to incubate companies to that of successful enterprises while connecting students to the real world environment of start up, early stage, and successful business operations. TA2 accommodates both physical and virtual companies along the start up and early stage business development process.

TA2 also oversees an intense, mentor driven, accelerator program on the campus of the University of Mount Union.  Check their website for more information.


Open Office News Update
 Open Office is a focused, dynamic and creative open forum to facilitate the flow of entrepreneurial ideas, answer questions and network.   While this is an on-campus event, it is open to the public and everyone is invited.

TA2 will provide refreshments, but more than that, we will provide resident expertise to help prospective entrepreneurs take their technology related business ideas and turn them into reality. In Open Office, TA2 will provide experts in programming, entrepreneurship, business financing and other related fields.

The Open Office schedule will be the third Thursday of each month and will be held in KHIC North Reading Room from 6 to 8 PM.

Dates and topics are:

    • Sept 19: Reintroduce concept as student run organization


    • Oct 17: Chad Whitacre and Open Source programming with


    • Nov 21: Brock Colenar will share his entrepreneurial experiences


    • Dec: Christmas Break 


    • Jan 23: To be determined


    • Feb 20: To be determined


    • March 20: To be determined


  • April 17: To be determined


Exciting note:  The TA2 Staff is planning to expand the Open Office concept in 2014 to do some local economic gardening - planting and growing domestic entrepreneurs - through a separate off-campus Open Office to be held in the TA2 offices. 

If you are interested in attending or learning more about Open Office, please write to me at
or call 330.506.6222.     

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